Monday, October 15, 2012

The Achieve Debit Visa/MasterCard: A Prepaid Credit Card Review

Bancorp Bank offers the Achieve Prepaid Visa Card for customers who want to manage their money. It seems like a relatively new offering and I haven't seen a lot of reviews about it yet.  Here are the features and advantages:

Visa or Mastercard:  Mastercard Debit

Appearance:  Fixed

Withdrawals:  According to the Cardholder agreement, a maximum of eight (8) ATM withdrawals are permitted.  You cannot withdraw more than $300 in one transaction and no more than $600 a day.  You cannot spend more than $2500 a day.

Deposit:  You can add money to your account by direct deposit or by a GreenDot MoneyPak purchase for cash.  You can load a maximum limit of $1000 via cash or $10,000 via direct deposit a day.

Account Management:  You can monitor your account via text/email alerts or on the website

Fees:  $5.95 Monthly Fee if you deposit more than $2,000 a month otherwise the fee is $9.95.  There is a $2.50 ATM Withdrawal fee for non-network ATMs.  $0.95 ATM Balance Inquiry Fee.

For more infomation and the full Cardholder agreement, please go to

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